Welcome to Media and Communications @ Swinburne University. We are a diverse discipline area that offers programs in Media Industries, Social Media, Cinema & Screen Studies, Public Relations, Advertising, Writing & Literature and Journalism. We value and create real world experiences for our students through internships, projects, international study tours and provide opportunities for students to network with those that can assist them in finding their place in the world when they graduate.

Founded at the beginning of 2014, the Department of Media and Communication draws on the 30 + year history of Media Studies at Swinburne, bringing together eight majors to explore the ways in which we communicate at the cutting edge of our changing world. Just as technological change produces moments of innovation and disruption, so too the changes the Department has faced in 2015 produced their own opportunities to innovate and disrupt.

Making interventions into the Melbourne, national and international communities, M&C continues to follow our mission statement: to work on impact-oriented, highly visible projects that make the most of the topography of Swinburne, retaining a focus on local issues while maintaining a global outlook.

In this site you will find stories of graduate successes, staff activities, projects around geoblocking, drone media and audience studies, of innovative assessment practices involving transmedia pitches, and of partnerships with organisations from the Lido cinema and Monsterfest to ACMI, the Wheeler Centre and Australian Unity Assisted Living. Locally, we celebrated the inaugural Swinburne Writers Festival and the first SUT Media and Communications Public Research Forum around change and opportunity.

Nationally, we tracked the successes of our nascent Advertising Program making it into the finals of two national competitions for Advertising Students and the development of a UniPollWatch project that will see Swinburne lead around twenty Australian universities in covering the 2016 federal election.

Internationally, we mark our representation at the Paris International Poetry Festival, our first ever study tour for students to the Middle East and our hosting of two international events: the Memefest Extradisciplinary Symposium and Workshop and the 20th Australasian Association of Writing Programs conference.