The first international Memefest/Swinburne  Extradisciplinary Symposium/Workshop/Intervention event was held from November 18-25th 2014 in the Factory of the Future at Swinburne University and was sponsored by the office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Advancement), the Faculty of Health, Arts and Design, the Schools of Design and Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and the Departments of Media and Communications and Education and Social Sciences.

memefest1Organizers, Dr Oliver Vodeb (Design) and Lisa Gye (Media and Communications), along with sixty invited participants attended the five-day mentored workshops which followed on from the Symposium (with more than hundred participants).

The event established a rare and groundbreaking extradiscipinary dialogue and collaboration connecting International guests from the Memefest network, Swinburne academics and students from Communication Design, Media and Communication, Politics, Games, Sociology and Business as well as invited students from RMIT, Federation University and the Griffith University/Queensland College of Art whose work ranked highly in the Memefest Friendly competition process and members of the Melbourne community. Members of leading Aboriginal activist networks participated through the whole time of the workshop.memefest2

More than 40 high quality communication/design/media projects were developed and designed during the workshops. These include strategies, posters, web sites, booklets/publications, videos, stickers, stencils, sound based media, a participatory educational game and a series of events as well as 70+ hours of documentary video material about the event itself

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“Thanks for a life-changing week.”

Jess Watson, Swinburne Communication design honours 2014 graduate

“From a pedagogical perspective, I believe Memefest has built a unique model of critical educational practice, that works on so many levels. Every single student I spoke with told me that this was the best learning experience they have ever had. I think the same can be said for many of the invited presenters/facilitators.”

Kevin Yuen Kit Lo- symposium speaker, workshop mentor, Memefest curatorial board member and Concordia University academic.