In an era in which Star Wars, Marvel Superheroes, and Disney Princesses have been extended from blockbuster movies, to television shows, videogames and theme park attractions, producers can no longer develop media in isolation but must co-create properties across multiple media platforms. To better navigate this transmedia environment, Cinema and Screen Studies students took part in a Transmedia Franchise Poster Pitch for the unit Screen Franchising and Innovation.

For their poster pitches students, working in groups, identified Intellectual Property that not yet been exploited for its transmedia potential and mapped out how it could be developed across the subsidiaries of an entertainment conglomerate. Pitching to a panel of experts, franchises included a new cross-media property based on popular app Snapchat replete with a coffee table book and film bio pic; 1960s novelty Sea-Monkeys was reimagined as a film series with a spin-off television show and theme park attraction; while the humble Hot Wheels toys were reworked as a brand that rivalled Transformers. The invention and shrewd use of corporate synergies suggest that these students are ready to thrive in a transmedia environment.