The PhD Training Hub began its life as a way to reach postgraduate students who couldn’t attend on-campus training sessions and as a means to meet AQA and TEQSA training standards.

With this in mind, Writing made a ‘creative’ cog containing videos and links from Josie Arnold, Carolyn Beasley, Dominique Hecq, and Julian Novitz.

After encouragement from FHAD Executive Dean, Don Iverson, to expand the Hub to cover the whole Faculty, Josie Arnold developed more materials with the support of Writing staff, designer Dan Green and David Yammouni’s videos.

The FHAD PhD Hub ( offers online material that enables knowledge acquisition about the different PhD models for Creative, Traditional, Contemporary and Scientific PhD projects. It introduces students to senior academics and their advice on postgraduate projects in their areas, to postgraduate students, and to expert advice on ethics, the library and different PhD models.

The Hub provides spaces for student feedback and also acts to complement and offer further information about what is already available at the University with particular emphasis on the importance of regulations and guidelines. It has been supported by a grant from Associate Professor Karen Farquharson as her area will assist with maintaining its online presence.