Swinburne Journalism is looking for a student to help produce the Swinburne online publication, The Standard.

This position is a great introduction to online publishing and a fantastic opportunity for students to develop writing and editing skills as well as gain experience in organising the production of an online publication.

The role will run for a semester and will include (but not be limited to) the following responsibilities:

  • Helping to prepare content for publication (this may include editing, summarising, fact-checking and loading stories); and
  • Liaising with students, staff and others to coordinate stories for The Standard site.

The number of hours required per week is negotiable depending on the student’s other study and work requirements. Some of the work can be completed off-campus but the student will be required to attend campus to work on the publication.

Interested applicants should apply to Larry Schwartz, The Standard editor by Friday 18th March by email lschwartz@swin.edu.au.

To be considered for this internship position, your application must include a cover letter detailing your studies to date, relevant experience why you would be suitable for the position as well as a current CV.

The successful applicant will report directly to Larry Schwarz, The Standard Editor.