This is a storytelling project about a shameful and hidden chapter of Victorian history. In June 1843 between 60 and 150 Kurnai Aborigines of Gippsland were massacred in a reprisal raid following the murder of a white settler. The person now acknowledged as the leader of the raiding party was Angus McMillan, the man after whom the federal electorate of McMillan is named.

In this project, we will tell the story about what happened. It is a complex story and aspects of it are contested. We will set the scene by better understanding the Indigenous communities of the region before, during and after white settlement. We will draw from many sources and seek out the voices of the era, both Indigenous and European. We will speak to descendants in both communities. We will visit the sites. We will cite and make available all the primary documents. We will involve historians to help us interpret all this information.

We will then produce a website that tells the story of the Warrigal Creek Massacre for the benefit of general audiences and as a pilot for a bigger project to be undertaken by other universities around Australia.

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