Village Digital have developed a new app, Scene Hunter, which allows users to discover key film and TV locations. For instance, one might use it in Melbourne to locate the locations used for filming Mad Max, Jackie Chan’s First Strike, or TV’s The Leftovers. Ahead of launching the app Village are putting together a “Content Team” of 3-4 individuals tasked with finding, collecting, and building a database of scenes that will be included in the app. Later in the project the Content Team will curate and oversee user generated content that will be filtered through the app.

This opportunity is open to all students taking MDA30007 Media and Communications Project B in Semester 2 this year. If you are not taking the unit, but are eager to participate in the project, you can now sign up to the unit as an elective. This project will provide students with key industry contacts and experience while also developing research and analytical skills. Following the end of the semester Village will be looking to maintain members of the content team as paid interns.

If you are eager to participate in the project, you should contact me at with a 500-word statement of intent outlining your suitability and interest.