The project is Australia’s first University-School mission to the International Space Station. We want to document this unique undertaking, feature interviews with both undergraduate and high-school students, create a constant feed of exciting social media content and ultimately release the experience with footage of the launch and the experiment running in space.

 Critically the Swinburne students involved in this are to mentor high-school counterparts in all functions (including this media component) throughout their project involvement.

High-school students will be in the lab creating this is experiment every Tuesday afternoon and multi-day sprints during the holiday break. Ideally we need to capture some of this, and have ongoing interactions with the media students from the high-school at a similar rate.

National press and interest in this experiment will be guaranteed. Prizes can be arranged too for best writing, filming etc. We can do a stellar-oscars at the end of this mammoth undertaking


Beginning in August, ending in June when the experiment returns, we will have key moments to capture:

Start date: August

NASA flight check: pre-Christmas

Final redesign / check list: Feburary

Launch on SpaceX rocket: 31st March

Space station experiment: Commencing April, running ~ 1 month

Experiment returns: June



TV / sound recording for short-form documentary

Interview experience / expertise

Creation of B-roll for TV features

Video interviews

Radio/Audio interviews

Video features

Podcast projects


Development of a social media strategy,

Content creation for social media,

Execution of social media strategy (behind-the-scenes features etc)

i.e. Social Media Broadcast

and Social Media Campaigning

Please send EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST to Lisa Gye by COB Friday 11 August outlining your suitability for the project.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to be available on Tuesday afternoons while the Haileybury students are on campus here at Hawthorn.