**Opportunity for current Swinburne Students and those who completed this year only**

We’ve got another opportunity for students to be a part of the Australian Open Host Broadcast Team for next year’s tournament in January.

The details are as follows:

* we need loggers for various dates during AO2018 main draw with most starting on 15 January, some log courts/matches others log ENG footage/press conferences

* whilst we can teach people how to use the IPD/logging system (good computer knowledge and practice does the trick!) the need for them to know and understand tennis is actually more important

* we have data feed streams that input the main scoring stuff into some of our logs but basically the loggers are recording other cool interest stuff – great forehand, wide sliding backhand, funny guy dressed up in audience, big cheer, RF fist pump, killer ace (I’ve simplified the words here but our Logging Supervisors actually issue a bunch of key words used to log and the team uses those key words to record the cool stuff in a consistent way!)

* they also time stamp all our matches – walk on time, coin toss time, warm up, first ball

* we pay between $23.00 – $25.00 per hour + on-costs normally

* shifts are long but the team has a great vibe in the Logging Area and they are expertly led by Media Managers and Logging Supervisors who work at all Olympics regularly and actually led the entire Rio Logging Operation last year

* no logging experience needed as such (although it’s always a bonus) but a good understanding of tennis is key!

If you’re interested, please send an email to Peter Marcato pmarcato@swin.edu.au by 4PM WEDNESDAY 20TH DECEMBER with a resume and a brief outline of your suitability for the position. Positions are limited so there are no guarantees of a position.