We take an interest in what our students are up to when they leave Swinburne. We regularly invite former students back to speak to our current students. And many of our alumni help us to facilitate internships and placements for our current students ensuring that the networks that we build together work for all of us!

“My Media and Communications course at Swinburne set me up for this role because from day one I learned about the projected significance of online communications, which gave me a huge advantage in pursuing a career in this exciting and ever-changing field which has now become a key part of every organisation’s marketing and PR function.” Mateusz Buczko

Digital Communications Coordinator, MMG Limited

“Before selecting my course, there were two important things I was looking for- a university which felt comfortable to be in and a course which was not only interesting, but one which had the ability to teach me more than what was outlined on a brochure. Swinburne’s Journalism course did just that, giving me a sound understanding in a wide spread of media platforms including print, radio, video and online mediums which is so vital to my job as a Media Manager. It also forced me to learn about a wide range of news genres including court reporting, business, sports and government coverage which I may not have selected if given the choice. The teachers were also extremely knowledgeable in their fields, with many of them having witnessed the change in the media landscape through their extensive professional careers. My time at Swinburne not only prepared me for a successful career as a Media Manager, but left me with the feeling that I could take on whatever would come my way.” Kirstie Fitzgerald

Media Manager, Western Region Football League

“To me the most important thing about an education is who teaches you, and how much knowledge they have in that field. Here the teachers cannot only tell you about but what they know but they can show you how it really works. They are clearly passionate and proud of what they know and it is so inspiring to be around people who love what they do.” Bridget Northeast

Radio Producer, Hamish and Andy, Fox FM

“When I started at Swinburne my job didn’t exist. When I finished I had a broad skillset, making me an ideal candidate for many employers. My degree at Swinburne has set me up both theoretically and practically for the rest of my career.” Tegan Kop

Communications and Advocacy Specialist, Infoxchange

“In our field, the only constant is change and studying at Swinburne gave me the ability to interpret how technology and communication evolves. From broadsheet to broadcast, forum to post. The skills I learnt here have genuinely guided my career.” Thomas Harper

Communication Team Leader, Victorian Electoral Commission

“My degree at Swinburne has given me many new and exciting opportunities to work as a professional in successful multinational organisations. My studies have enabled me to gain a holistic approach to problem solving and to think with an analytical mindset. The flexibility of my course at Swinburne allowed me to develop my skills across a broad spectrum and gain skills across various disciplines . The teaching quality at Swinburne is first rate – the lecturers and tutors I engaged with were respectful and enthusiastic about helping students develop and grow. I look back at my time at Swinburne with fond memories and if you dedicate time to your studies, your degree will give you the opportunity to better yourself.” Paul Robertson

Global Digital Marketing Lead, Phocas Software

Earlier this year some recent Media and Communications graduates returned to Swinburne to talk to first year students about the variety of media careers open to them as well as how students can use their time at Swinburne to prepare for the workplace.

(From Left to Right) ➢ Dr Liam Burke, Swinburne Media Lecturer (Panel Chair) ➢  Dan Salmon, Communications Specialist (Infoxchange, Triple R, and POST magazine) ➢ Bridget Northeast, Radio Producer (Hamish and Andy Show, The Scoopla Show and YouTube Hits. ➢ Francis Nicholls-Wunder, Brand Manager (Framework Melbourne and Light Creative) ➢ Hammy Goodman, Production Assistant (Princess Pictures)

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