Portfolio Ready Assessments

icon_M&C portfolioThe Media and Communication Portfolio is an essential platform for students to demonstrate their learning experience while studying. This unit is part of the Bachelor of Media and Communication (BMC) degree. All units in the BMC will have at least one Portfolio Ready Assessment (PRA) identified by the icon above. While every assessment item in this unit will add to your knowledge of the subject, PRAs are designed to be easily understood and valued by those with no specialised knowledge of the unit (e.g. future employers).

Portfolio Ready Assessments will be submitted simultaneously via the unit’s standard submission process and to your Media and Communication Portfolio. With each unit you will add new PRAs to your Media and Communication Portfolio thereby providing a record of your growing knowledge and competencies. As this is your portfolio and a living document, you will revisit it throughout your study and post-graduation career to add new materials, update existing content, and make other changes that ensure the portfolio is the best account of your achievements, skills, and knowledge. The Media and Communication Portfolio is an indispensable resource as you navigate through your studies and transition to your post-graduation career.


Media Comms Portfolio guides: