Advertising is a combination of art and science designed to connect consumers with brands and the best advertising is truthful, persuasive and compelling. It can change our behaviour, affect our attitudes and encourage us to open our wallets.   Our course covers more than just the basic principles of advertising; it also encourages students to ask questions about advertising by examining regulatory and ethical issues, and the need to be sensitive to cultural perspectives. Students are expected to develop creative ideas to ensure that consumers are engaged with the advertising and to understand the effect that media choices have on the delivery of the message. The advertising industry offers a diversity of roles including client management, strategy and planning, creative or media and offers an excellent start to any career.


ADV10001     Principles of Advertising

ADV20001     Advertising Issues: Regulation, Ethics & Cultural Consideration

ADV20002     Concept Development and Copywriting

MKT20025    Consumer Behaviour

MDA20011    Sports/Advertising/Media

ADV30001     Advertising, Media Planning and Purchasing

COM30002    Professional Practice: Client and Agency Management

ADV30002     Advertising Management and Campaigns Project