If you think good PR is about doing something positive and not about spinning the truth, then studying Public Relations at Swinburne might be for you. Our PR Major focuses on the philosophies of good communication and networking as a means to establishing positive and healthy professional relationships. We study principles around the use of: good communication models; accurate and objective writing; intercultural communication; global government policy and cultures; PR theory; events and networks; emerging mobile and digital channels; teamwork and agency management; risk and crisis communication; and, campaign planning. All these elements combine to make a knowledgeable and confident public relations practitioner.


PUB20001     Global Public Relations Practice

PUB20002     Public Relations Theory and Practice

PUB20003     Public Relations Writing

MKT20021    Integrated Marketing Communication

PUB30001     Events Management

PUB30002     Issues, Crisis and Risk Communication

PUB30003     Public Relations Project and Campaign Planning

COM30002    Professional Practice: Client and Agency Management