Dr Belinda Barnet, Senior Lecturer

Dr Belinda Barnet is Senior Lecturer in Media at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne. She has also worked as Service Delivery Manager (3G Wireless Content Services) for Ericsson Australia, as Web Producer at Insurance Australia Group (IAG), and has research interests in the evolution of technology, document interfaces, and the philosophy of technology. She did her PhD in Media & Communications at UNSW and is the author of the book Memory Machines: the Evolution of Hypertext (Anthem Press UK, 2013). She has also published on memory and digital media, technical evolution, personalisation, digital art, Cochlear Implants, posthumanism, and the history and design of user interfaces. You can follow her on Twitter @manjusrii. If you are a current or prior student of hers you can also connect via LinkedIn. Belinda convenes the unit MDA1006: Innovation Cultures. A list of her publications can be found here.