Esther Milne

Associate Professor Esther Milne is interested in the everyday media that shapes our lives. From the banality of email to the curation of our public selves, media technologies interact with us in surprising and powerful ways. Looking at the different media practices and platforms that we inhabit, Esther’s research includes the production of celebrity across networked publics and the emerging trend of microcelebrity or self-branding. She also researches in media history and is the author of Letters, Postcards, Email: Technologies of Presence (Routledge, 2010). With co-authors Aneta Podkalicka and Jenny Kennedy, she is working on a book to be published by Palgrave Macmillan entitled Grand Designs: Consumption and Sustainability in Property TV. Esther is also an investigator on the CRC Low Carbon Living project: ‘Media and Communication strategies to achieve carbon reduction through renovation of Australia’s existing housing’. She has just launched a major national survey about email use for the book she is researching called Email and the Everyday: Homes, Institutions, Markets to be published by MIT press. Esther convenes the unit Networked Selves in the Social Media Major and is the Convenor of the Bachelor of Arts Honours Program where students can undertake a media focussed research program. She can be found on Twitter Academia and Tumblr.